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Do you ever hear a buzzing or a ringing in your ears that is not a pesky bee or your cell phone?

Most of us don’t even think about our ears. Sounds wake us up, energize us, calm us down, and sometimes even put us to sleep. When we hear strange noises we take notice. We start looking for the cause. Often the noise is from within our ears rather than outside…

It is not uncommon for people to hear noises that no one else can hear. In fact, if you sit quietly for a few moments, you will hear the background noise that is your personal silence. We aren’t aware of it until we think about it.

However, sometimes you may hear what sounds like crinkling paper, rushing water, ringing, humming, or clicking. Whatever the noise, it is called tinnitus and it can be annoying and frustrating.

Why me? Why did I get tinnitus?

Tinnitus is usually a symptom of an underlying condition. Common causes of tinnitus include:

  • hearing loss (Have you been or are you frequently exposed to loud noises..?)
  • Medication side effect (Did it start when you began taking the medications?)
  • TMJ ( Do you grind your teeth?)
  • ear infection, wax build up, or other issue in the ear canal
  • head and neck injuries
  • stress, anxiety or other emotional wellness concerns


Tinnitus resulting from these common conditions can disappear when the underlying condition is treated BUT…

What if the noise doesn’t go away?

When my partner first complained of ringing in her ears , I used to tell her, “Don’t worry, it will go as quickly as it came”. It would be nice if it was that easy!

In many cases, people experience chronic tinnitus which has no easy resolution. In fact, Tinnitus is considered by most doctors to be virtually incurable.


Don’t give up hope!

There is hope. There are countless success stories of people just like you who have eliminated their Tinnitus suffering. You’re here to hear them so you can get inspired to take action.

I put this site together to be a collective of individual voices, each telling their own tinnitus success stories in their own ways.

Sign up the Free newsletter and get updated whenever a new success story is published. You also can learn to filter out the frustrating sound of tinnitus. It doesn’t have to become a debilitating problem. It does however take effort, focus, and persistence.

Yours tryly,
Tal Gur

The success stories are absolutely the best things I’ve seen on tinnitus in the seven weeks that I’ve had it. I’m going to read them again and again. Judy

Thank you for posting the success stories. I discovered the web page when I started mt tinnitus about 2 months ago. The stories in there were instrumental in 1) giving me hope at first and 2) then suggesting strategies to handle the condition. I was able to start the habituation process and to return to a normal, happy life (albeit still with 24/7 tinnitus) in weeks instead of months. Thank you and thanks to the fellow tinnitus “sufferers” who posted their stories on the site. Jerome

These stories helped me tremendously last year!!! Reading them was the biggest relief compared to everything else that I read. Maria R.

Your site was the first bit of hope i had after several months of despair. The case studies were really crucial to me understanding that things could get better so the more the better. David M.

P.S If you don’t have tinnitus and got to this site by chance, you are still at risk for suffering from it in the future. Some 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, and for 12 million the problem is so severe that it affects their everyday lives. Protect your ears, avoid loud noises, and use ear plugs when necessary!